75,000 Brits vow to stop paying their energy bills — Analysis

The UK government has slammed the ‘Don’t Pay’ campaign as “highly irresponsible”

As energy prices in the UK are set to reach record highs, an anonymous group called ‘Don’t Pay UK’ has launched a campaign calling on 1 million Brits to stop paying their energy bills on October 1, when prices are expected to jump once again. 

According to campaign members, at least 75,000 have pledged to stop paying direct debits for electricity and gas in protest against rising costs. UK Government is taking a slap on the campaign. “highly irresponsible,”According to The Independent, Thursday.

“This is highly irresponsible messaging, which ultimately will only push up prices for everyone else and affect personal credit ratings,”The outlet quoted a spokesperson for the government as saying this. 

“While no government can control global gas prices, we are providing £37bn of help for households including the £400 discount on energy bills, and £1,200 of direct support for the most vulnerable households to help with the cost of living.”

The government’s energy price cap, which is set by regulator Ofgem, is predicted to rise above £3,000 ($3,618) on October 1, a nearly 65% increase. Already, energy costs rose 54% this year.

Don’t Pay UK estimates that around 6.3 million UK households will be thrown into fuel poverty by winter, with tens of millions of homes experiencing “fuel stress,”They will therefore spend more than 10% of their income just on energy bills. 

UK’s historic rate hike comes with a warning

According to the government, rising energy prices can be attributed to increased global demand and aftereffects from the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

But, records profits made by British Gas and Centrica owners have caused a public outcry. This has led to accusations that the providers are making a profit from the crisis.

“Our politicians and the oil and gas corporations have designed an energy system that only channels money and profits upwards, no matter the human cost,” a spokesperson for Don’t Pay said, adding that the record profits of energy companies are unacceptable.

“If the government and energy companies refuse to act then ordinary working people will. Together we will collectively enforce a fair price and the government and oil and gas giants will have to sort it out amongst themselves.”

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