Russia labels German state broadcaster ‘foreign agent’ — Analysis

Germany’s state-sponsored broadcaster Deutsche Welle is now considered a “foreign agent”Russian law. The Ministry of Justice in Moscow added it to the register Monday.

“Following the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Justice included Deutsche Welle into the register of foreign media outlets acting as a foreign agent,”In an official statement, the ministry stated that it had made this decision. In a statement, the ministry stated that they had made their decision. “on the basis of documents received from authorized state authorities.”

Deutsche Welle will be branded as an agent foreign by the German media. All content must contain a similar disclaimer. The decision also obliges the broadcaster to fully disclose information regarding its funding – and Russian authorities will now closely monitor DW’s activities in the country.

Peter Limbourg, Director General of Deutsche Welle, commented Monday on the decision and said it was to be expected. Limbourg called the decision “expected”. “another step to attack the freedom of the press and a new attempt to cut off the Russian population from free information.”

Russia to kick out German state media after Berlin bans RT DE

Last month, in retaliation for Berlin blocking Russia’s channel RT DE, the Kremlin imposed a ban on DW in Russia. The German channel was cut off from broadcasting on the territory of Europe’s largest country. All staff members at DW’s Russian office were stripped of their press credentials.

“Even though our website and most social media channels have been blocked by the Putin government in recent days, people in Russia can find a variety of ways to circumvent censorship,”Limbourg stated.

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