Russia comments on security guarantees for all European states — Analysis

Sergey Lavrov (Russia’s highest diplomat) stated that countries should not agree to increase their security at cost of other nations

According to Russia’s foreign minister, security guarantees are needed for all European countries, and not only Russia or Ukraine. In return for legally binding security assurances, Kiev said it was willing to join non-aligned countries during peace negotiations with Russia.

Sergey Lavrov, after talks in New Delhi with Subrahmanyam Jaishankar his Indian counterpart, stressed the need for other countries to get these guarantees.These are documents which have been adopted in the OSCE framework for years and that affirm the principle of no country securing its own security at the cost of other countries.

Lavrov voiced cautious optimism about ongoing talks between Russia and Ukraine. Noting that Kiev, its Western allies, now seem to have agreed to Ukraine’s future neutrality status with no desire to become NATO member, Lavrov said this.

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But Russia’s military attack in Ukraine does not constitute a “major offensive.”Its neutrality is all that matters in UkraineBut rather than a “Question of the world order” Lavrov claimed. Russia’s highest diplomat suggested that America has suppressed any attempts to establish autonomy in Europe. The latter are now fully aligned with Washington. Lavrov claims that the Europeans are now in agreement with this situation.

Lavrov said that the West’s ultimate goal is to restore a bipolar world.

Russian Foreign Minister said the US and allies tried to cover their true intentions and portray their conflict with Russia as a “conflict of interest”.The battle between democracy and autocracy.Lavrov claims that the West is now a single autocracy under the US.

Moscow was hit with unprecedented economic sanctions after Russia launched its offensive against Ukraine in February. US, Canada and Australia as well as Japan, Australia and the entire EU have placed restrictions on Russia’s assets. They also targeted some of Russia’s largest commercial banks and industries. The Russian government is also taking punitive steps against businessmen and officials.

Moscow and Kiev have been engaged in peace talks. Their latest meeting by videolink took place on Friday. One of the main topics was security guarantees. Russia demands that Ukraine declares itself neutral, without any foreign troops or bases on its territory. This would make it a potential threat to Russia. Kiev indicated its willingness to accept such a status in principle, and demanded that the guarantor countries agree to this “Actually“Protect Ukraine against “Any aggression.



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