Russia blacklists British media and military — Analysis

It includes journalists, defense officers, and personnel of the armed forces.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has barred 49 British nationals from entering the country.

The Tuesday release of the sanction list includes representatives from the defense industry, the British Armed Forces and 29 journalists as well as heads of major news outlets like the BBC, The Financial Times Sky News, Sky News and The Daily Telegraph.

A statement was released by the ministry on their website explaining its decision. “the British journalists on the list are involved in the deliberate dissemination of false and one-sided information about Russia and the events in Ukraine and Donbass.”

“With their biased assessments, they also contribute to fueling Russophobia in British society,”The statement was added.

Moscow asserts that Western journalists have been blacklisted because of the pressure and sanctions placed on Russian media outlets.

Russia’s list also includes 20 British nationals that have been deemed to be tied to the UK’s defense industry, including Deputy Secretary of Defense Jeremy Mark Quin, Under Secretary of Defense Leo Docherty, Commander of the Royal Navy Benjamin John Key and Royal Air Force commander Michael Wigston.

UK intensifies crackdown against Russian media

This ministry pointed out that they were part of the decisions regarding weapons supplies to Ukraine. These weapons are currently being used by “local Nazi formations to kill civilians and destroy civilian infrastructure.”

This statement ends by saying that “stop-list”The ministry is working on the project, although it has not been finalized. They will likely continue to work on the issue and add people to the roster.

Russia has so far banned many foreign actors, politicians and business leaders, including Joe Biden (US President) and Hunter Biden (US Secretary of State), Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Morgan Freeman, 84, respectively.



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