North Korea conducts another missile launch – media — Analysis

If confirmed, it’s going to become the fifth missile test by Pyongyang since the start of the year

Two cruise missiles from North Korea were fired into the waters off its East Coast early Tuesday morning, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported. It cited multiple military sources.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have been analyzing the specifications of the projectiles, which are believed to be cruise missiles, the agency said.

It could have been the fifth North Korean missile test in as little as a month.

North Korea mulls reviving ‘all temporarily-suspended’ defense activities

However, unlike ballistic missiles that were launched by Pyongyang earlier in January, cruise missiles aren’t banned under UN sanctions imposed on the country.

According to North Korea, the four most recent launches contained two hypersonic weaponry.

Pyongyang warned that it won’t stop there, and last week announced that the restoration of “all temporarily suspended activities”This was in reaction to the continued US military exercises with South Korea, and the new Washington sanctions. 

North Korea has been observing a moratorium on long-range and nuclear missile test since 2017,

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