New York office workers consider fleeing amid surging crime — Analysis

A poll shows that Manhattan’s 40% and Brooklyn’s 48% employees are considering moving.

New York City has seen an increase in violent crime and lawlessness to the point where almost half of all local workers feel unsafe. This is according to a poll.

Morning Consult polled more than 9,000 New York workers and discovered that nearly 40% thought about moving out of Manhattan. 48% were in other boroughs. The poll was conducted on Thursday and found that only 27% of respondents strongly believe they will stay in the city.

Many white-collar staff are now returning to work following the Covid-19 pandemic. Around 84% said that conditions had deteriorated over the last two years. Most of them said they were worse. “greatly worsened.”Commuters cited safety as their top concern.

Soros-backed DA orders fewer prison sentences

“In order to get people to return to the office, safety needs to be the No. 1 priority,”One respondent stated. “I need to feel safe commuting. It is important to be safe when I walk. I need to overall feel safe about my environment and general surroundings.”

New Yorkers fear for their safety because of reports of widespread crime including attacks on people. Crime is running 59% of 2021’s pace so far this year, including a 73% surge in the city’s transit system. Since 2000, 56 people have been forced onto subway tracks. This includes an Asian woman killed in January. Other high-profile incidents include elderly and women being attacked with hammers or slashed using knives, as well as those who were kicked off subway escalators.

Just 38% of office workers said they’re optimistic that the city is “on the road to recovery.” About 94% believe not enough is being done to address homelessness and mental illness, the poll showed, while 85% said assaults aren’t being adequately addressed.

Those hoping for a crackdown on crime will likely be disappointed, as Manhattan’s new district attorney, Alvin Bragg, has ordered staffers not to seek prison sentences for all but the most heinous offenders. Bragg was elected in January with financial help from George Soros. He also prohibited prosecutors from seeking more than twenty years imprisonment for any of the most serious criminals such as terrorists or serial killers.

New York man hit in the head with HAMMER, knocked onto subway tracks in 3rd grisly act this week after hatchet & metal rod attacks

“Remote work has laid bare that NYC is unlivable relative to other places,”According to one participant, businesses need to be more efficient. “put pressure on government to enforce the rule of law.”



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