Rules About Bringing Small Children to Work

Bring Your Child to Work Day is an excellent bonding experience as well as an educational venture for little ones. However, workplace rules about bringing your kids vary from one organization to the next. This is especially true for small children. 

Before you show up at your place of work with your little ones, it’s important to look at your company’s policies on the subject. If your employer doesn’t have any, then asking your manager about it beforehand is highly advised. Regardless, here’s what you need to know. 

Safety Concerns

Some workplaces are harmless to children, while others can pose a severe threat. If you work in an office, then chances are your employer won’t have an issue with you bringing a small child to work as long as they remain supervised. 

On the other hand, workplaces that rely heavily on physical labor might not be the safest place for a kid to be. Carefully consider the potential hazards of your job, especially from the eyes of an ever-curious child. 

Productivity Concerns

Several employers will have issues with worker productivity, and not just your own. They may worry that cute child in the office will distract the staff. Kids are prone to running around and asking questions, while babies are known to cry and make plenty of disruptions. 

If your employer does have policies on bringing children to work, then they probably have age restrictions for these reasons as well as safety. If your reason for bringing your child is a custody one, then you might want to speak with a child custody lawyer if your workplace has strict limitations on age. 

Etiquette Concerns

Several employees forego asking permission and simply bring their children in. This can cause etiquette issues for your employer, especially in the realm of accommodation for new mothers. Speaking with your employer beforehand clarifies where private changing and breastfeeding stations are, as well as which parts of the workplace are considered child friendly. 

That’s not to say that your employer can refuse your request simply because you have a child that needs to be with you during working hours. Employers are required to provide accommodation for new mothers. If you feel that a manager’s “no” falls outside the umbrella of safety concerns, it’s imperative that you speak with an experienced workplace discrimination attorney

Legalities and Insurance Concerns

Employers must take legal issues and insurance policies into consideration before creating any policy that allows employees to bring their children into the workplace. Local and state laws, as well as regulations, might call for specific requirements in these policies.

Insurance companies might also prohibit minors from being on the property. Speaking with your employer prior to the visit allows you to go over anything an insurer considers hazardous as well as what your state says on the subject. While it might seem unfair, your employer must abide by these rules if they want to keep their organization up and running. 


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