Royal Navy sailors reportedly facing dismissal over Covid vaccine status — Analysis

Employees who refused the Covid jab warned media that it could lead to them losing their jobs.

Royal Navy employees who continue to decline the Covid-19 vaccine have reportedly received letters from their superiors indicating they may be subject to “ administrative discharge.”

Daily Mail reported that some sailors who were not vaccinated said they had received letters warning them from Royal Navy leaders about their choice.

Daily Mail cites the following letter: “Records show that you have not yet received a complete course of vaccination against Covid-19. […] Full vaccination is key to delivering operational effectiveness, maintains the good health of the whole force and serves to reassure them, their shipmates and their families.”

The staff were instructed to speak with medical professionals and their superiors about the possibility of vaccination. They can decline Covid-19 vaccination after careful consideration. “may be subject to administrative discharge from the service.”

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The Daily Mail was informed by an anonymous military officer that they oppose the vaccination. He said that the change in policies had alarming consequences for their retirement pensions. In order to be able to decide if it is safe, they admitted that they had to take more time.

After ministers on Monday announced that military forces would be responsible for managing the English Channel migration crisis, the Royal Navy policy regarding Covid-19 was apparently modified.

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