Breaking Down the Spider-Man: No Way Home End-Credits Scenes

Spider-Man has no way home leaves Peter Parker’s future open-ended. Thanks to Doctor Strange’s second spell, not a soul in the universe knows who Peter Parker is, not even his girlfriend MJ. Peter moves to New York without the support of his family or friends, and into an apartment in a dimly lit New York flat. Peter puts together a simple Spider-Man costume, and then takes to the streets.

Tom Holland doesn’t know if he’ll reprise the role of Peter Parker in any future movies. It’s a gentle reboot, which could result in a more mature Spidey trilogy with Holland playing Peter. You could either recast it and start the tale afresh.
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It is still uncertain whether Spidey will appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Both Sony and Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney, produce Spider-Man films together. However, it is possible that Peter Parker may be forgotten by all Marvel Studios characters.

Still, the end-credits scenes do offer some hints about Sony’s Spider-verse, which includes movies centered on Spidey villains like Venom Morbius,The MCU.

Venom’s universe is returned to him

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The fans of VenomMovies may not have anticipated that Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), and Venom, an alien symbiote who has a craving for human brains would appear in the movies. There is no way home. End credits scene Venom: There Must Be Carnage, Eddie and Venom are transported from their universe into the universe where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man resides. Venom salivates when Spider-Man is on television.

No doubt, Doctor Strange’s spell that accidentally opened up a pathway between parallel universes sucked Venom from his world into that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eddie and Venom did not make it to New York in time to meet with Peter Parker. We see in the end credits that Eddie’s journey has been limited to just a few bars on an island. There, the bartender tells Eddie about the Avengers, Thanos and the Snap (all events that took place in Peter Parker’s universe but not in Eddie’s). Eddie decides it’s time to search for Peter. But just as he gets up to leave, he’s sucked back into his own universe by Doctor Strange’s second spell that restored the multiverse.

Venom can leave behind some black goo. The symbiote can attach to any person and make another Venom. So we may yet see Holland’s Peter battle the carnivorous creature.

Another Spider-verse film is known. Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the vampire character, is set to debut next year and exists in the same universe as Parker’s Spider-Man. (Michael Keaton’s Vulture, the villain from the Holland movie Spider-Man: Homecoming,In Morbius.) Sony looks to be building towards a Sinister Six film centered on Spider-Man’s greatest foes with this growing cohort of antagonists.

Doctor Strange will take on his evil doppelgänger

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - April 2, 2016
Steve Sands—GC Images/Getty Images Benedict Cumberbatch filming “Doctor Strange” in New York City, on April 2, 2016.

This scene at the end of the credits isn’t so much a scene, but a trailer for Doctor Strange 2. Multiverse of Madness. Doctor Strange plays a pivotal role in There is no way home.Peter is shocked to learn that a villain has revealed Peter Parker as Spider-Man. He turns to Doctor Strange in his search for answers. Unfortunately, Peter and Doctor Strange mess up the first spell that they cast to hide Peter’s secret identity, inadvertently opening up a chasm between parallel universes.

Doctor Strange eventually sets in motion another spell that will wipe the entire world’s memory so no one knows that Peter is Spider-Man. While it seems as if Doctor Strange successfully sealed the various multiverse portals, it’s unclear what damage he might have wrought. Trailer for Multiverse of Madness suggests that Doctor Strange’s sorcery may have disrupted the multiverse permanently.

After the conclusion of the first Doctor Strange movie, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Mordo came to the conclusion that the problem with the world was “too many wizards” and began a quest to take back the gift of magic from those he deemed unworthy. In the sequel, he seems to have remained true to this philosophy. In the very first moments of the trailer, Mordo tells Strange, “Your desecration of reality will not go unpunished.”

Strange replies, “It was the only way,” which is debatable. Was Peter actually required to conceal his identity at all?

Anyway, Strange goes on to say, “I never meant for any of this to happen.” We see a version of New York, dark and collapsing on itself. A brief glimpse then of It Baby-Sitters ClubXochitl, the breakout star of XochitlGomez will be making her Marvel debut in this film as America Chavez. And we get a glimpse of Rachel McAdams’ Christine Palmer in a wedding dress walking down the aisle as Doctor Strange watches from a pew.

Doctor Strange then visits Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff. It is possible that she has created the idyllic field where she picks flowers. Wanda was last seen in the Show. WandavisionIn order to create a dream life for herself and Vision, she brainwashed a whole town. The mistake of her ways was obvious and she decided to let them go. But not before discovering that she is a strong wielder and master of chaos magic.

“I knew sooner or later you’d show up,” she says. “I made mistakes and people were hurt.” Strange replies that he isn’t here about the fact that Wanda held an entire town mentally hostage. Forgiveness and forget. There are bigger issues to solve. He needs her support in the multiverse. Here’s a quick snap of Wanda wearing her Scarlet Witch outfit.

Mordo then says, “I’m sorry Steven. I hope you understand. The greatest threat to our universe is you.” Cut to Doctor Strange standing across from…a very evil looking Doctor Strange doppelgänger.

An animated Marvel series premiered earlier in the year. What If…? You might ask, “What if Doctor Strange misused his powers in order to save someone he cares about?” As you can see, that Doctor Strange version turned into a villain who (spoiler alert!) destroyed the universe. Strange’s good friend lost against his evil twin. This was a shocking turn.

This movie looks to feature a face-off similar between the two versions of Strange from different parallel universes. “Things just got out of hand,” villainous Doctor Strange says.


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