Raffaele Riva on Small Company Growth and International Investing

Raffaele Riva is an investor and international businessman with a solid background in finance, asset and wealth management, trust funds, wealth and estate planning, real estate, multinational transactions, corporate finance and restructuring, club deals, mergers and acquisitions, and extraordinary transactions.

Riva is the founder and CEO of the Swiss-based AUREA Multi Family Office, an international firm that oversees several subsidiaries in various European countries.  These subsidiaries, which include international firms Aurea Consulenti Associati SA and Aurea Gestioni Patrimoniali in Switzerland, SABGB AUREA Ltd. in the U.K., and Milano Fiduciaria in Italy, have achieved international success thanks to Riva’s hands-on approach to investment as well as corporate leadership.

As founder and co-owner of AUREA, Riva functions as an advisor to AUREA’s subsidiaries, and maintains an active leadership role in these firms, overseeing transactions and private investments, and assisting in the creation of unique products.  Beyond merely supporting the growth and success of these emerging companies through financial investments and contributions, Riva also contributes to their success by maintaining an active hand in their day-to-day operations, bringing his years of experience and knowledge of the international finance world to the table.

Led by his passion for making smart and strategic investments, as well as his insights into the unique and specialized services that high-profile investors need and want, Riva assists AUREA’s subsidiaries with such activities as launching and start-up, then guides and advises them so that they may grow and thrive.

As a mentor to these smaller companies, Riva brings extensive experience in international business to his associates.  Having founded several successful companies between 1997 and 2008, he also worked as a senior executive at a large multinational corporation, where he gained valuable experience in executing and negotiating international business transactions in Europe, Canada, South Africa, and Central and South America.

His extensive expertise in the field of international finance, coupled with his elite educational background, his vast network of high-profile contacts, and his willingness to remain actively involved in the leadership of each company ensures the success of these smaller firms.

AUREA functions as a multi-family office, employing an out-of-the-box business model wherein a private investment firm designs individually tailored financial products and services for elite investors who may present unique and extraordinary financial profiles. Offering an alternative to traditional investment and wealth and asset management firms that generally offer a series of standardized products and services that they then sell to investors, a family office such as AUREA creates fully customized products and services, designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual client.

This unique approach to doing business ensures that AUREA and its subsidiaries provide the most elite products and services available in the financial world today, serving high-net-worth investors interested in fully personalized financial products and services.

Riva advises his fellow entrepreneurs against entering into new business ventures that don’t align with one’s personal and professional goals and values, as well as ventures in which one must put someone else’s priorities before one’s own goals, as this can cause lack of clarity and focus. He also advises his mentees to read as much as possible and stay informed of the latest technological and social developments in the world, as these are strong indicators of the direction that new market trends will take.

He also stresses the importance of selecting the right partners to do business with, as well as the importance of maintaining excellent working relationships with those partners and associates.  Riva builds and maintains many of his most solid professional alliances through active participation in professional clubs and associations in different European countries, including the Register of Legal Auditors in Rome; the Register of Chartered Accountants in Milano; the Italian Association of Anti-Money Laundering Officers; the Associazione Il Trust in Italy, and various other associations across Europe.

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