Quarantine extended for Omicron carriers — Analysis

Israel has increased the quarantine period for people infected with the ‘super-mutant’ Omicron variant of the coronavirus over suspicions they could remain contagious longer than other Covid patients.

Omicron carrier carriers will be required to stay in quarantine starting on Thursday. This is instead of the mandatory 10 days for other strains.

To be eligible for a certificate of healing from the virus, they will need to remain symptom-free during their three-day isolation.

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Spy agency stops tracking Omicron carriers

They are now in place “in light of the suspicion that verified carriers of the Omicron variant may be contagious for a longer period than observed in cases of other variants,”In a statement, the ministry stated. The ministry did not say how long they will remain in force.

Israel’s response to the Omicron variant has been one of the harshest, closing its borders to foreign travelers and designating most of Africa – not just the continent’s south like many other countries have done – a ‘red zone’.  

Omicron has still managed to slip into Israel despite the precautions. At least 21 new cases have been reported in Israel. The strain is more easily transmissible than the other varieties, but it does not seem to produce more severe symptoms.

Omicron is a rare mutation that has been discovered in South Africa. It caused panic around the world and banned travel to certain countries.

Coronavirus cases in Israel have increased, with 794 new cases registered Tuesday. That’s the highest level since late October.



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