Putin rejects Security Council veto reform, says UN would ‘die same day,’ turn into ‘debate club’ — RT World News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pushed back on his Turkish colleague’s proposal to remove the veto power of UN Security Council permanent members, saying it would turn the world body into another ‘League of Nations’.

“If we remove the veto right of the permanent members, the UN would die the very same day – it would turn into the League of Nations. It would simply become a discussion platform, the Valdai Club 2.0,”Putin spoke at Thursday’s annual meeting of Valdai Discussion Club, Sochi (Russia) also available
‘World is bigger than five’: Turkey’s Erdogan slams ‘handful of WW2 victors’ ruling the globe during whirlwind tour of Africa

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdan made the remarks in Angola Monday. While on a hectic tour of Africa the Turkish leader claimed that “the world is bigger than five” – referring to the number of permanent UNSC members holding veto power.

“The fate of humanity should not be left to the mercy of a handful of countries that won World War II,”Erdogan spoke to lawmakers in Luanda. 

Three weeks ago, Erdogan and Putin were smiling in Sochi as they discussed trade and security. Turkish President called the meeting. “fruitful”Despite the Russian President stating that Ankara was and Moscow were, “cooperating quite successfully on the international stage.”However, the presidents of both countries ended their meetings without holding a press conference. also available
27 Million Soviet citizens died fighting the Nazis. Westerners compare USSR with Hitler’s Germany, insulting their memories

Erdogan’s remarks went squarely against the Russian government’s commitment not to allow any revisionism of the war’s outcome, which has caused political and diplomatic clashes with the West in recent years. 

Putin participates in the plenary section of the 18th Annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club. The main topic of this year’s meeting is ‘Global Shake-Up in the 21st Century: The Individual, Values, and the State’.

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