Putin heads to Tehran for talks with Iranian and Turkish leaders

Trilateral negotiations will center on Syria. However, key issues such as Iran’s capital will also be discussed in the Iranian capital.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been scheduled to visit Tehran on Tuesday, where he will meet his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Rashi and Turkish leader Recep TAYYIP Erdogan.

It will be his second foreign trip since the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine on February 24. In late June, he visited Turkmenistan and Tajikistan to meet the countries’ leaders and attend the sixth Caspian Summit, in which Iran also took part.

As part of the Astana Peace Process (Moscow, Tehran, Ankara) which began in 2017 in order to reach a peaceful solution to Syria’s conflict, the trilateral negotiations will be held in Tehran.

The Kremlin says that the summit will include discussions on how to eradicate international terrorist activity in Syria, facilitate the inter-Syrian ceasefire process, and other humanitarian matters, such as post-conflict reconstruction.

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Putin speaks about Ukraine during first foreign trip since February

Russian presidential adviser Yury Ushakov stated that Putin, Raisi, and Erdogan would issue a joint declaration after the negotiations. He also said Monday that the draft of this statement had been already prepared.

Bilateral talks between the leaders will also take place, while Putin is also expected to meet with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The Russian President and his Interlocutors will be discussing the current situation regarding the stagnant talks to restore the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Ushakov indicated that trade would also feature on the agenda. Moscow and Tehran are preparing major cooperation deals.

Russia has a strong partner in Iran. The relationship between Russia and Iran is friendly. They have been in existence for centuries. Both sides are advancing very well in many areas. Both sides have plans to take bilateral cooperation to a new level – the level of strategic partnership,” he pointed out.

Dmitry Peskov (Kremlin Press Secretary), said that trade between Russia, Iran and Russia had exceeded $4 billion by 2021 and increased 31% over the previous four months.

Peskov stated confidence in Russia and Iran, two of the most sanctions nations on the planet. He also expressed his hope that they would build relationships that allow them to reduce the impact of international economic restrictions.

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When it comes to Ukraine, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian made it clear that Tehran would not provide assistance to any of the sides of the conflict as it believes that the conflict “must be stopped.” By saying so, the minister refuted the US claims that his country was planning to provide Russia with hundreds of drones, including combat drones.

Raisi also stated that Tehran is ready to help in a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian conflict.

Putin’s bilateral meeting with Erdogan is expected to touch on the issue of Ukrainian grain exports from the Black Sea ports, according to Ushakov. Turkey has participated in several issue-resolution initiatives, despite declaring itself neutral in the matter of Ukraine. Recent multilateral consultations were held on the issue of grain, which saw participation from Russia, Ukraine, and the United Nations.

The phone conversation between Erdogan and Putin last week also covered food security. At the time, Erdogan stated that “it was time for the United Nations to take action for the plan regarding the formation of secure corridors via the Black Sea.”

Istanbul hosted the crucial round of peace talks between Moscow and Kiev in March.



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