Proud ‘plague-spreading’ anti-vaxxer dies — Analysis

After spending 22 days in intensive medical care, mechanic Maurizio buratti has succumbed to coronavirus. His boasts about being able to go shopping without masking while suffering from fever were a part of his life.

Buratti claimed that he was “defending the constitution”He ignored public health warnings and died Monday. Over the last decade, the 61-year old became famous for calling La Zanzara ten times. He had voiced controversial views about various topics, most recently the pandemic. “the Jewish lobby.” 

Known by his co-listeners as Mauro Mantua (or Mauro), he claimed that the coronavirus was not real and boasted to being a savant. “plague spreader,”On air, he stated that he was feeling sick and had gone to the supermarket in a disguise despite being 38C. He later refused to have his blood tested for Covid-19 because he claimed it was the virus that caused him discomfort. The radio show’s presenter urged him to go to hospital, but he resisted, insisting, “There are communists there and I don’t trust them.”

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Buratti stated that he was seeking asylum in Turkey or Korea to prevent being forced to have the vaccine. He was eventually admitted to Verona’s hospital a few days later. 

Presenter David Parenzo tweeted, “Rest in peace wherever you are, old conspiracy theorist. I only hope your sad story serves as an example to all those who are still fueling doubts about the efficacy of vaccines.” 

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