Propeller blade shatters plane window after bird strike (PHOTOS) — Analysis

A passenger plane suffered ‘substantial damage’ after its bird-struck propeller punctured the cabin

Unfortunate and frighteningly, an aircraft chartered by the United States was hit by its propeller. The propeller penetrated the plane and caused extensive damage to the fuselage.

British Aerospace Jetstream 41, powered by turboprops, was nearing Venetia Mine in the northern-east of South Africa when it encountered the accident.

A charter plane that flew from Johannesburg to Johannesburg was hit by an “large bird”According to media reports, the landing occurred during Airlink’s South African flight.

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Even though such collisions are quite common with birds, this was an exceptional case. The plane’s propeller blade apparently broke off, punctured the fuselage between two passenger windows, and then forcefully hurtled across the cabin, smashing into the passenger window on the opposite side.

According to airline officials, the aircraft can carry 29 passengers. “sustained substantial damage.”On social media, images showing the wreckage inside the cabin aswell as the damage done to the fuselage were shared.

The airline stated that no one was found in the vicinity and that all crew and passengers landed safely. It is not known what type of bird was involved in this accident. The incident was investigated.

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