Prince Andrew was ‘sex pest’, masseuse claims — Analysis

One massage therapist that worked with Prince Andrew told a British tabloid the royal had been a sham. “constant sex pest,”She was asked inappropriate questions regarding her sex life. “overstepped the line.”Andrew now faces charges far more grave than just being accused “creepy,” however.

Emma Gruenbaum, a masseuse and massage therapist who works for The Sun, stated that Friday’s article was published. “always felt a bit sleazy and a bit odd really.”Andrew, according to reports, hired her for massage in 2005.

Andrew insisted that the massage take place in his room, despite Gruenbaum’s objections. Andrew complimented her after she realized that the table was too high. “nice a***,”And asked her if it would. “take it up the a***.”

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“And I went, ‘None of your f***ing business.’ And he just looked at me in sort of a dead stare and said, ‘You can’t talk to me like that,’”She recounted.

Gruenbaum stated that Andrew, aside from a towel, was always exposed. She would often crack crude jokes, ask her when she last had sex and then go on to discuss massages. “try to hug me without fail.”Andrew would ask her to join him for a film or a cup of tea. She refused.

Also, the masseuse said she would inform Andrew. “shut up”The Sun was told by The Sun that he had said inappropriate things and she expressed her dismay at being called out. “He was a pest. But it was always in a ‘matron and schoolboy’ way,”She explained.

She eventually said she had stopped receiving calls from the royal to schedule massages. “His advances weren’t working and I think that his patience ran out,”Sie said. 

Gruenbaum stated that her inspiration to share her story was after hearing that Andrew had accused Virginia Giuffre, a victim of abuse. “false memories”Her alleged abuse by the prince “I don’t want to sit by and not speak out about the way he was towards me as he calls Virginia delusional,”Sie said.

Giuffre, who is currently suing Andrew for sexual assault in New York, claims that Jeffrey Epstein trafficked her to him on multiple occasions during the 2000s. Buckingham Palace stripped Andrew’s honorary military title and patronages ahead of the trial. He denies Giuffre’s accusations.

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