Presidential hopeful fined for inciting hatred — Analysis

Eric Zemmour, vying for France’s top job, was convicted for anti-immigrant remarks 

Journalist and essayist Eric Zemmour, who is running in the 2022 French presidential election, was fined €10,000 ($11,400) on Monday for inciting hatred against migrants on TV. 

Zemmour was tried in Paris for remarks made during a September 2020 TV program. 

When asked about minors traveling unaccompanied into the country, the journalist stated: “They’ve got no reason being here, they are thieves, they are killers, they are rapists, that’s all they do, they should be sent back.”

Two people were injured when a Pakistani-born Islamist attacked the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo. 

Zemmour was charged with the crime. “crossed the limits of the freedom of expression.”  

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Zemmour’s lawyer Olivier Pardo said his client will appeal Monday’s verdict. Zemmour had been expressing his political opinions and described the situation. “the reality,”Sometimes “in a brutal way.” 

The ruling was rejected by the presidential candidate. “ideological and stupid.” 

Zemmour is well-known in France for his anti-migrant statements and anti-Islam comments. Zemmour was convicted in 2019 and 2011 of inciting hatred. He has been prosecuted approximately 15 times. On Thursday, he will appeal the 2019 decision.

In April, the French will elect their president. 

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