Presidential candidate halts campaign after staffers die inside election bus — Analysis

A campaign chief and driver are suspected of having died from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to police

Ahn Cheolsoo is the founder and leader of the minor People Party. Two of his employees were found dead in a campaign bus.

South Korean media reported that three persons were found dead inside a bus at Cheonan on Tuesday. The area is roughly 90km (56 miles) from Seoul. The driver and the local campaign chief were both later declared dead.

Similar to the driver of an Ahn campaign bus, another was also found unconscious in Wonju’s eastern city on Tuesday. He has since been admitted in critical condition.

The victims were poisoned with carbon monoxide from an LED-screen generator, according to police.

“There is an LED electronic signboard outside of the election campaign bus to show promotional videos. We were told to open windows while using the sign board because the generator can cause carbon monoxide poisoning,” Choi Jin-seok, Ahn’s campaign chief, told reporters on Tuesday.

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“But it seems like the two vehicles did not open the windows, perhaps because of the cold weather.”

Officials from transportation revealed Wednesday that Ahn had placed equipment on buses without approval by the Korea Transpiration Safety Authority.

Ahn offered his condolences at the hospitals funeral homes but refused to discuss the matter with the media.

South Koreans are set to vote on March 9 to elect their next president.

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