Preparing to Reopen During Covid-19 – What Businesses Can Do to Build Trust

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As countries all across the globe prepare to return to normal, many business owners are looking forward to reopening and inviting customers back to their premises. To ensure everyone is safe, they will have to comply with regulations and take steps to create a safe workplace for both employees and customers. It is important that businesses get back to normal to get people back to work and boost the economy.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

It is important to prepare a facility to reopen. Cleaning procedures were always an essential part of a business, especially in medical facilities, fitness facilities, schools, and retail. It is even more important now because of the emergence of coronavirus. As people leave their homes and return to work, cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting has increased over the last few months. Companies such as Vapor Clean have been inundated with requests for cleaning services.

One-off Deep Clean – Many business owners are opting for a one-off business clean that focuses on a thorough service that goes through the entire building. Everything in the building gets a deep clean in preparation to welcome employees and customers back to the premises.

Contract Cleaners – Once a business has reopened amidst the pandemic and employees and customers are on the premises, they can ensure safety protocols are being met by hiring contract cleaners. Even before the coronavirus struck, they had all the right equipment and knowledge to ensure a commercial building was kept clean and sanitised.

What Should Employees Expect?

Employees should only be making their way back to work once their employers have followed all the correct safety protocols to ensure the workplace is a safe environment. Scheduling a deep clean and hiring contractor cleaners that come to the premises every week is one way to build trust between the owner, employees, and customers.

Businesses are taking many steps to combat the pandemic and they are coming up with creative ways to overcome the challenge presented by covid-19. Everyone wants to get back to work, but they must be guaranteed a safe workplace to do so.


If a business wishes to reopen during the pandemic, they must educate their staff on the importance of cleanliness and following protocol. Training and precautions should be aligned accordingly as certain types of roles demand different levels of exposure.

When employees go back to work, their boss must be able to guarantee policies and procedures such as:

  • Access to PPE – Employees must be provided with PPE at no extra cost.
  • Screening – Employees and customers must be subjected to temperature checks and questionnaires.

Employers must take proactive steps to ensure the workplace is safe and healthy for staff members and customers.

One of the best ways to deal with all the safety protocols is to work with a commercial cleaning team who already have the knowledge and experience needed to protect employees and customers who enter the building. The only way a business can build trust during the pandemic is to visibly show their staff and clients that they are taking steps to ensure their safety.



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