Prankster Lexus who tricked UK defence secretary reveals details to RT — Analysis

He stated that video calls were only edited for sensitive British information of national security.

One of the Russian pranksters behind the call to UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, Alexey Stolyarov, AKA Lexus, dismissed London’s claim that the conversation was Russian propaganda. Lexus confirmed to RT that they did not edit the footage. They only made it private in order to protect sensitive information about the UK’s national security.

Alexey Stolyarov, AKA Lexus, and fellow prankster Vladimir Kuznetsov, AKA Vovan, posed as Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal to trick Wallace into discussing various policy issues, including London’s stance on Kiev potentially seeking nuclear weapons. The Defence Ministry askedYouTube to censure the video conference, saying it was illegal “doctored by the Russian state.”

The interview should be branded “Russian propaganda”Stolyarov explained to RT that the puzzle was quite puzzling for the entire team. “We did not edit his words, his speech. So if it’s propaganda, then it’s propaganda of Secretary Wallace. It’s his words,”He stated.

While confirming that parts of the original video conference call footage were not made public, Wallace said it was in Britain’s interest to retain them. Wallace didn’t discuss British secrets with the pranksters. However, some of Wallace’s words were. “sensitive”Stolyarov said that national security was his concern, and Kuznetsov agreed. “gentlemen”These details were not published.

According to him, this was only the second successful attempt at tricking Wallace into speaking to them. The first time was three years ago, when he was serving as minister of state for security and economic crime, but they couldn’t get through to him. Stolyarov explained that the team succeeded this time by using a Home Office contact, who they tricked into giving them permission to interview Priti Paltel, Home Secretary.

According to the prankster, his British friends were stunned that a person holding such sensitive offices as defense secretary could be deceived. “If it’s easy to reach him by just private persons, you could imagine what could happen if some persons from intelligence try to reach him,”He stated.

Stolyarov said his team was not particularly concerned about being on the British government’s bad side after deceiving Wallace. They did not commit any crime, Stolyarov said. This is also true of the many other pranks they played on various public figures throughout the years.

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