Poll shows how many Belgians are OK with restrictions for unvaxxed — Analysis

Only 25% of Belgians would oppose Austrian-style Covid-19 restrictions on people who are not vaccinated. However, the vast majority of Belgians would support such measures if introduced.

An Ipsos poll was conducted in Belgium to gauge public opinion on the controversial idea in December. It was done at Le Soir’s request and RTL. Results showed 68% support restricting the entry of vaccine refuseniks into public spaces. Only 22% disagreed.

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Austria ends latest lockdown only for vaxxed residents

In northern Flemish Flanders, the support for banning cigarettes was stronger. In Flanders, 71% of the population supported the ban, while 62% favored it in Francophone Wallonia. Flanders is the region with highest vaccination rates.

Brussels was the most opposed city, with 27% of people polled saying that they were against snubbing unvaccinated, while only 20% said so in Flanders. As a result, young people opposed the idea more than their elder counterparts, who have higher vaccination rates.

Belgium will be examining next week whether it should make mandatory vaccines against Covid-19 for additional groups of people. Healthcare workers have been given the mandate starting in January 2022. There is a grace period of several months to adhere. The April start date for the disqualification of refuseniks.

Some are concerned that this policy could lead to a mass exodus from hospitals of vaccine skeptics, leading to a shortage in staff. About 4,000 healthcare workers opposed to the policy stormed the office of the minister last week.



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