Poll reveals what Britons think of Johnson as PM — Analysis

According to a survey, the Conservative leader seems to be losing support from even Tory voters.

More than half of Britons feel that Boris Johnson has performed badly as the country’s prime minister, a new Ipsos UK poll has revealed. This latest poll was conducted in the midst of the ongoing Partygate scandal that has clouded Johnson’s government.

According to the survey, which was conducted online on February 9 and 10, 54% of respondents believe that Johnson “has done a bad job as Prime Minister to date,” and only 29% of respondents feel he has done a good job. Comparatively, only 37% of respondents believed Johnson was an effective head of government last February, while 41% thought he was a bad prime minster.

His ratings have declined among 2019, Conservative voters. While half of his supporters (54%) believe that he performed well in the role as Prime Minister, this is still lower than seven out ten (79%) last February. The proportion of people who think he did a poor job is almost doubled, from 15% to 29%.” the poll researchers said.

Johnson says it would require a tank division to oust him – media

This isn’t the worst news for Cameron. The survey found that 56% of 2,038 people who responded to the poll said that they supported Tory MPs, who were trying to get a vote against Johnson. Only 24% disagreed.

Commenting on the findings, Director of Politics at Ipsos UK Keiran Pedley said that Johnson’s personal poll ratings continue to weaken and “Events will decide what happens next as the police investigation draws to an end and other news items are added.

Scotland Yard currently investigates a variety of lockdown-breaking social events at Downing Street. A recent report by top civil servant Sue Gray into some of the allegations found “Failings in leadership and judgment” in both Downing Street and the Cabinet Office, but stopped short of directly accusing the prime minister of misconduct. Johnson apologized in parliament following the publication of Gray’s report, but said he would not resign.

Despite a rising number of Conservative MPs filing letters of no-confidence in him to the chair of the 1922 Committee – the parliamentary body of the Tory party – Johnson has reportedly told his colleagues that he intends to fight to continue in his current post.

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