Polish guards don’t let migrants on Belarus border sleep – RT reporter on the ground — RT World News

Polish border police and officers prevented migrants setting up a camp near the Belarusian border from staying over night.

On Monday, some 3,000 migrants from North Africa and the Middle East tried to enter Poland from Belarus. They were stopped by Polish security forces and set up an informal camp at the border.

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How many migrants attempted to storm the border between Belarus and Poland?

“The night wasn’t calm”According to Konstantin Pridybaylo (RT Russian correspondent), the Polish troops were at the camp using every means possible to get the people out. 

The migrants couldn’t get any sleep because bright spotlights were directed at them from the Polish side and loud messages were played on repeat: “Go home. You are not welcome here. You are not welcome here.”

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Belarus accuses Poland of ‘military activity’ along shared border as Warsaw deploys troops to deal with growing refugee crisis

It is located along the border of Poland’s territory and spans 500-700 meters. Many children and women are its residents.

The people there told the reporter that they didn’t want to go to Poland at all, with Germany being their ultimate goal.

As the inhabitants lack food and water, it is already a dire situation in the camp.

Due to the sheer number of military and police personnel on either side, it would prove difficult for migrants crossing into Poland. Pridybaylo noticed another water cannon in Polish hardware. He said that it would be cruel to put it to good use, since temperatures dropped below zero Celsius over the night.

Belarus’ neighbors have been reporting an increase in attempts to breach their borders since June when Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced his country would no longer be holding back migrants seeking to reach the EU through its territory. Reports also indicated that there were more direct flights from the Middle East to Belarus.

Minsk said that it would only discuss the situation with Brussels if it lifted all its sanctions on Belarus, which included restrictions to airspace. This was after Minsk grounded an Irish Ryanair flight in May with Roman Protasevich, an opposition blogger, onboard. 

Ursula von der Leyen (President of European Commission) labelled the events at Poland-Belarus’ border as “a tragedy”. “hybrid attack”Minsk orchestrated this destabilization effort to Europe and demanded that Belarus be subject to more sanctions.

German interior minister Horst Seehofer stated on Tuesday that Berlin was and will continue to be the caretaker. “can’t deal with this on their own,”Insisting that the EU tackle the problem of the migrants crisis

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Poland and Germany can’t handle migrant crisis on Belarus border alone – German interior minister

Poland claimed that the migrants were being directed and guarded by the armed Belarusian soldiers at all times. It also blamed the troops of violating its borders. However, Minsk rejected those accusations as “unfounded and unsubstantiated.”

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