Police searching for 500-pound bear named ‘Hank the Tank’ — Analysis

A bear dubbed ‘Hank the Tank’ by local police has broken into more than two dozen homes in California

A 500-pound bear nicknamed ‘Hank the Tank’ by local police has recently broken into more than two dozen homes in northern California, and US authorities have received over 150 calls about him. Local media reports that South Lake Tahoe Police officers and others have attempted to capture this bear. 

The bear’s latest addition to his rap sheet was inviting himself into a house last week in the Tahoe Keys community in California, according to local law enforcement. 

The police have tried to intimidate the suspects with sirens and bean bags. But nothing worked. “exceptionally large bear”You should not enter neighborhoods. A typical black bear can weigh between 100 and 300lbs, according to Department of Fish and Wildlife data.

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The department has said they will likely euthanize ‘Hank the Tank’ once he is caught, though he has yet to be apprehended after more than 150 complaints were lodged about him since July. Last week, police got the bear to leave the latest home he broke into by banging on the house’s exterior until Hank left through a back entrance. 

According to a spokesperson from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, it was difficult for bears to be captured in the wild. “safe”The animal is viewed in a dangerous way and poses danger to its safety “people and homes”As a food source. 

“This is a severely food habituated bear. What that means is this is a bear that has lost all fear of people and it sees people and homes as a source of food,”The spokesperson stated this in a statement. 

As Hank the Tank’s public profile has risen, some activists and members of the public have objected to the idea of killing the bear, which officials say is a “last option.” The Bear League, a group which advocates for the animals’ protection, has said it is talking with officials about possibly moving Hank to a sanctuary. 

“Everyone is expressing their horror over the plans to kill Hank,” the Bear League’s director said in a social media post. “We haven’t talked to or heard from a single person who thinks the bear deserves to die.” 

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