Police detain anti-lockdown protesters — Analysis

Opponents of lockdowns and vaccine mandates marched in cities across Germany on Monday, decrying the government’s tough Covid-19 policies. Officers in Saxony were seen detaining several citizens in Bautzen.

The police in the vicinity said that they had stopped several processions in the city Monday, including one marching of about 250 people.  

The video shows Riot officers grabbing protesters and using zip cuffs on them to hold them down. According to health guidelines, outdoor gatherings of more than 10 are prohibited.    

Similar protests were held across Germany against Covid restrictions, with some even in Cottbus where demonstrators chanted “Hands off our children.”

In Dusseldorf, protesters marched under a banner that read, “We are the red line, Mr. Scholz,”This is a reference to Olaf Scholz from Chancellor Olaf, who claimed that there were “no red lines”His government to fight the virus.  

Protesters were attacked by police officers at a huge anti-lockdown demonstration (VIDEOS).

In some cities, protests took place alongside counter-demonstrations. According to police, several protestors tried to penetrate the wall that divided Potsdam from its opposing side.

Germany tightened rules regarding private gatherings after a surge in Omicron virus cases. Gatherings of the unvaccinated are restricted to two persons from one household. To enter restaurants and other places, you will need a health pass. 

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