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Boris Johnson reportedly wants to copy a ‘lightning’ visit to Ukraine made by officials from Eastern Europe

Boris Johnson is the British Prime Minister. “lightning”Even though his own security service are not available, he visited Kiev. “having kittens”The Daily Mail, reporting on Monday about the stunt, reported that it was being done by Whitehall.

Last week, the prime ministers of Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic traveled by train to the Ukrainian capital to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to media reports and statements from the countries’ governments.

Johnson publicly stated his support for the leader of Ukraine. The newspaper reported that Johnson’s government is not convinced meeting with him personally in Kiev at the moment.

“If you set aside the security concerns, which are considerable, the question is whether there is anything additional you could achieve by visiting in person, or whether it would just be a show of solidarity, and whether that is a sufficient goal in itself,”According to the source,

The city has been living in a state of constant emergency since the first days of Russia’s military offensive, which was launched in late February. Russian troops can be found close to the Ukrainian capital. There have been regular reports about damage to other parts of the town.

Officials in Ukraine claim that Russia targets civilian buildings on a daily basis to terrorize its population. Moscow says it strikes only military targets, and civilian sites only get damaged when Russian forces are near them.

PM savaged for comparing Ukraine crisis to Brexit

Zelensky met with the three European prime minsters Petr Fiala from the Czech Republic and Janez Jansa in Slovenia. It was a gesture of solidarity that seemed to confirm that the Ukrainian president is still in Kiev. This disproved speculation that his videos were being falsified.

Britain was a vocal supporter of Ukraine during and after the current security crisis. Johnson allowed Zelensky, the NATO head from Baltic and Nordic countries, to address a group of heads who had come together in London last week for an event. After a broadcast to the British parliament, Zelensky received standing ovations.

Johnson had less success with an attempt to latch his party’s policies to Ukraine’s fight against Russia. He was criticized by many public figures for drawing parallels last Saturday between the Ukrainian resistance and Britain parting ways with the EU – “choosing freedom,”In his own words.

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