Police cadets in Nazi uniforms catch Colombian president’s eye — Analysis

After photos showing police officers in Third Reich-style uniforms uploaded to the internet, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque insists that no apology is acceptable for Nazism.

“Any apology for Nazism” is unacceptableDuque made the statement in a Twitter tweet Friday. According to the president, he denounced any mentions of those who were “Responsible” for Jewish Holocaust which claimed more than 6,000,000 lives“Add that Anti-Semitism is not allowed in this world.

Duque had earlier made demands for “Heads to Roll” at an academy that “Promotes such illegal practices.” with its director, Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Ferney Bayona Sanchez, already having been sacked.

The defense ministry of Colombia, overseeing the country’s police force, stated in another statement that it had training programs. “Don’t imagine in any way an act such as that which occurred”At the academy.

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Images of police officers in Nazi uniforms provoked anger from internet users.

In response, the German and Israeli embassies were in Israel. They issued a joint statement in which they stated their disagreement. “Total rejection” of any kind of apology, demonstration or protest of Nazism.Bogota’s US Embassy also stated that they were “Shocked” and “deeply disappointed”The development.

The photos, which showed aspiring officers in black SS clothes with red swastika armsbands and Wehrmacht green uniforms from World War II era, were not published in a bombshell news report but instead were posted on the official Twitter account Colombian police.

These photos were part of an a “cultural exchange”The event was held at Tulua’s police academy, and aimed to commemorate Germany. “Strengthening our students’ knowledge in police”This cosplay was meant to show the history and evolution of German law enforcement. In the photos, more cadets are seen wearing modernized police uniforms.

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