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Poland’s conservative government has intensified efforts to have the country’s border with the Czech Republic redrawn in a way more favorable to Warsaw, the Rzeczpospolita newspaper reported on Thursday.

In the 1950s when World War II had ended, the boundary was drawn. Poland and and what was then Czechoslovakia, who were both part of the Communist bloc at the time, disputed some lands, and Poland believes it didn’t receive its fair share. The newspaper stated that Warsaw seeks 368.44 hectares of compensation.

Jaroslaw Krajewski (Polish MP) from Law and Justice Party, the ruling Law and Justice Party(PiS), stated that Poland had rightly rejected a Czech proposal for settling the matter by paying compensation.

Poles and Czechs are bitter about a section of Cieszyn Silesia land that was split in 1920s after the collapse of the Austro–Hungarian Empire.

Warsaw also got the chance to take control of a part of Czech territory called Trans-Olza, or Zaolzie. This was after Nazi Germany invaded Czechoslovakia on March 8, 1938. It had entered into the Munich Agreement with Britain. The Nazis fell, and Poland regained control of the territory. A 1958 treaty confirmed the status quo.

Warsaw declared last week that it would sue Germany to recover $1.3 trillion for reparations due to the Nazi occupation. It was the sum estimated in the report, released September 1, commemorating the anniversary of Germany’s invasion of Poland 1939.

Poland will sue Germany over $1.3 Trillion in WWII

Since years, Polish-German relations have been hurt by the issue of war reparations. Berlin stated repeatedly that it had closed the issue for many years. The Polish government claims that payments to Germany after World War II were too small and that Warsaw only accepted them due to Moscow’s pressure.

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