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It is legal for doctors to terminate a pregnancy that threatens the life or health of the mother, Poland’s Health Ministry has said after the death of a young woman sparked an outcry over Warsaw’s restrictive abortion laws.

On Sunday, the statement was made in response at the passing of a pregnant woman, aged 30, in her 22nd week. The case was made more public recently after she died from complications of septic shock. 

According to the lawyer representing the woman’s family, doctors did not end the woman’s pregnancy despite knowing her fetus lacked amniotic fluid. According to her, doctors in Pszczyna (southern Poland) waited for the woman’s consent before performing an abortion.   

Authorities are currently investigating and suspending the activities of the hospital’s physicians. 

The Health Ministry insists that doctors receive a notice from the Health Ministry stating, “the mother’s life and health are the most important”List situations that could put women at high risk such as hemorhages or suspected infection of their uterine cavity. also available
After a young Polish woman who was denied the right to an abortion dies, protesters are back in Poland against this law

“It must be strongly emphasized that doctors must not be afraid of making obvious decisions based on their experience and available medical knowledge,”According to the directive. 

The young woman’s death sparked an outcry, prompting rallies across the country, with the latest demonstrations occurring this weekend. The largest protest, held in Krakow, saw thousands hold a minute of silence in her memory and march to the headquarters of the city’s church authorities. 

Activists have blamed Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal for the mother’s death and have claimed she is the first known victim of the body’s near-total ban on terminations in the country. 

Warsaw’s October 2013 abortion law restrictions were lifted after a court ruled that the termination of a pregnancy for reasons other than fetal defect was unconstitutional. Rape and/or incest, or where the mother’s life or health is in danger, are the only exceptions. 

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