Poland and Bulgaria deny warplanes supply to Ukraine — Analysis

Three NATO nations have claimed that Ukraine will be sending jets to Russia amid the conflict.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Monday Poland and NATO were not part of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and therefore can’t send jets to join the combat. “We are not sending any jets to Ukraine because that would open a military interference in the Ukrainian conflict. We do not support that conflict. NATO is not a party to that conflict,”After his meeting, he stated in a press conference that he had met with NATO General Secretary Jens Sloltenberg and added that they are supporting the Ukrainians through humanitarian aid.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that NATO wasn’t to be involved in the conflict. Therefore, it was no longer sending troops or planes. But, Stoltenberg confirmed that NATO will provide Ukraine financial and military assistance, such as air defense systems and anti-tank guns.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Ukrainian Air Force officially announced on their Facebook page that three NATO countries – Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria – would deliver more than 70 warplanes for the Ukrainian army. They were to be able operate from Polish airports.

Ukraine claims that NATO nations will provide warplanes

Local media were informed Tuesday by the Bulgarian Defense Ministry that there is no intention of providing combat aircraft to Ukraine.

On Thursday, Russia launched a military operation against Ukraine. They claimed it was necessary. “demilitarize”And “denazify” Ukraine to protect the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. In response, Russia was subject to severe sanctions from the international community. “unprovoked” hostilities.

On Monday, the first round of talks between Russia and Ukraine took place in an unidentified area near the border with Ukraine-Belarus. A ceasefire was the main goal of these negotiations.

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