Plan Your Budget for Digital Marketing Strategies 2021

It is not the newspaper articles nor the banners and business cards. Instead, what’s thriving right now is the world of digital media! Reports suggest that more than 95% of companies had to increment their digital marketing budget in the past decade. And you can easily predict the budget to increase further in 2021.

Digital marketing has revolutionized the world of business. Today, an entrepreneur without up-to-date knowledge of digital marketing strategies is unlikely to survive the cut-throat competition. Thus, with the growing competition and digital media soaring high, local SEO services and marketing agencies are flourishing. In the era of brands and consumerism, finding the best digital marketing agency can work wonders for your brand.

However, some entrepreneurs are too sceptical about investing in the right strategies. What’s the ideal budget allocated? What are the best digital marketing strategies? Is it worth spending the resources on digital marketing? Read ahead to find out!

Get the Foundation Right

If you don’t want your company to topple over by slight shocks and tremors in the market, make sure you get the foundation right. And planning is what makes that foundation strong. Visualize the goals of your business. Where do you want to take this brand to by the end of the year? Which area of the business do you want to progress in? Is it the content creation or the website traffic that you wish to increment?

Now, since the goals are crystal clear, you require people to execute them. You require a team. Decide the skills you need and outsource them. Do not hesitate to invest enough in human resources. Hence, allocating a sufficient budget for hiring people to meet your goals is the first step to strategic planning. Moreover, some resources can be invested in local SEO services, hunting for the best digital marketing agency, or even consultancy to strategically grow your business.

Automation is a Must-Have

Machines save a tremendous amount of energy and time. And yes, not to forget the expenditure on human resources too! This holds for digital marketing as well.

Today, there is software available for any marketing strategy. The most successful brands are already using these to build their dream company, are you?

Software for Content Marketing 

Content is the new currency. The world is driven by content creation, irrespective of the type. Blogs, videos, and social media, all work equally well. Video and photo editing can be easily automated using hundreds of accessible software.


There is help available for everything. If SEO does not seem like your cup of tea, turn to software. SEO is what decides the visibility of your business. Do not compromise with it and invest sufficiently.

Besides, Personalization software is equally significant for offering the best marketing experience to your customers.

So, why think twice? Keep a part of the budget to invest in automation right now!

Choose What Works For You

The list of marketing priorities for entrepreneurs in 2021 may show a particular trend. Nevertheless, keep in mind the fact that your company is different. Each one is. Naturally, it is not surprising that each marketing strategy works for all companies.

Since you are already aware of your goals and brand requirements, follow the digital marketing strategy that has been helpful for you in the past and should work in the future. See if it corresponds to your goals instead of following the trend blindly.

This year, some of the trending ones are business blogging, video marketing, email marketing, SEO, influencer and social media marketing and personalized marketing to lure more and more consumers towards your business. Try what suits you the best!

Trial And Errors

Evaluating what worked in the past does not necessarily mean you stop looking ahead. The channels of marketing that failed in the past may work now for your business.

The top marketing strategies like content and SEO are the must-haves. If they have not proven to be a successful venture for you previously, give it a try once more. It may work the second time. The technology is evolving, so are your customers. You certainly do not wish your company to stay behind, do you?

Therefore, save a part of the budget to experiment with new strategies, but remember, only a part. In case it fails, you at least don’t have to regret it. Trial and errors pave the way for growth. Continue doing it.

What’s The Right Amount?

What is the ideal budget for digital marketing? There is no final answer. The number varies for different businesses. Around 10-15% of the company’s turnover is ideally recommended. However, since each company is different, budget planning and allocation rest solely with you.


Keep the goals in mind, the previous failed and successful strategies, and your eventual target – your ideal customer. Formulate the perfect budget and digital marketing strategy befitting your brand. Remember, today, digital marketing has the power to make and break things in minutes. So, use it wisely!



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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