Pilot sues defence ministry for ruining sex life – media — Analysis

A former RAF helicopter pilot alleges that 20kg body armor caused medical problems that “adversely” affected his “personal life”

According to reports, a former British helicopter pilot sued the Ministry of Defence for negligently issuing body armor that caused nerve damage as well as sexual dysfunction. He is seeking more than £200,000 ($271,884) in damages, according to The Telegraph. 

In the lawsuit filed at the High Court, Louis Warburton – an almost 10-year veteran with the Royal Air Force (RAF) – alleges that the 20kg (44lbs) ‘Load Carriage System’ body armor had damaged soft tissues, the paper reported. According to the 30-year-old, the MoD failed to conduct a risk assessment or respond to his concerns about poor armor adjustment.

Warburton was a flight lieutenant in 18 Squadron, RAF Odiham, who served in peacekeeping operations. He flew Chinook helicopters in Mali during ongoing Operation Newcombe. The bulky armor he was wearing made his legs uncomfortable during lengthy flights lasting up to eight hours. This caused severe pain and numbness and damaged his sciatic nerves.

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The Telegraph stated that Warburton had reported to the MoD his discomforts less than a month following his deployment to Mali in January 2019. He was then medically downgraded and discharged from RAF in July 2019. However, the problems persisted – disrupting his professional and personal lives.

According to his legal team, documents show that he was involved in a series of criminal activities. “difficulty sleeping due to ongoing pain”And his “personal life with his partner, have been adversely affected,”The paper published the following: Warburton claimed that he couldn’t drive and could not sit without experiencing pain. This is what has led to Warburton being unable to work. “restricted in domestic activities”Are you unable or unwilling to apply for multiple jobs?

The Telegraph reported that The Telegraph claims that The MoD failed to provide suitable personal protective equipment, and a place for work and safe systems. The suit also stated that Warburton wasn’t shown how to adjust armor.

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Unnamed MoD spokesperson refused to comment but said that The Telegraph newspaper had the details. “the health and safety of our personnel is our foremost priority on both training and operations.”The paper also quoted official sources saying that “compensation is paid” to claims where the MoD’s legal liability has been “proven.”

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