Personal data of Freedom Convoy donors leaked — Analysis

GiveSendGo is the main platform for crowdfunding used by demonstrators. It has been reported that it was hacked.

Website claims to have access to Freedom Convoy donor data. The main platform used for fundraising by backers of Canadian anti-vaccine mandate trucksers was hacked and shut down on Monday.

Distributed Denial or Secrets (DDoS), the whistleblower site, said it was given 30 megabytes worth of data on GiveSendGo’s Christian donors. This information included email addresses and zip codes as well IP addresses.

This data won’t be made available to the public, but will only be provided to “journalists and researchers”DDoS says this is because of its sensitive and personal nature.

Meanwhile, GiveSendGo – which became the main crowdfunding hub for the protesters after the mainstream platform GoFundMe blocked donations to them on February 5 – remained unresponsive on Monday.

Those visiting the site were met with a message saying: “Application is under maintenance, we will be back very soon.” 

Media reports said GiveSendGo had been breached overnight, with its front page replaced by a clip from Disney’s animated movie ‘Frozen’, suggesting that its operations and money have been frozen too.

The video also contained a manifesto, in which the hackers labeled the site’s donors “grifters and hatriots,”While accusing them with funding “the insurrection in Ottawa”On January 6, 2013, the Capitol Riots took place in the US.

Police arrest last protesters at US-Canada border, traffic set to resume

The Freedom Convoy demonstrations began in late January over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s demand for unvaccinated truckers to quarantine after coming back to Canada from the US.

The protest escalated quickly and saw roads and border crossings blocked across Canada, including the capital, Ottawa, with those taking part also decrying Covid-19 lockdowns and mask mandates, along with calling for Trudeau’s resignation.

According to reports, supporters of the cause raised $8 million online in order to rally more people. However, a Canadian judge blocked the Freedom Convoy funds over the weekend.

Late on Sunday, the Canada Border Services Agency said it had ejected the last remaining demonstrator from the border with the US in Windsor, Ontario, reopening North America’s busiest trade link after a six-day blockade.



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