People linked to Cannes knife attacker ‘shouting religious slogans’ arrested — RT World News

France’s police have taken three suspects into custody for allegedly being connected to the attacker who attacked a officer outside of a station.

The three people arrested were relatives of the attacker, with one of them working for him and another having ‘housed’ him, French media reported, citing police sources.

Algerian national aged 37 years was carrying a knife and stabbed one police officer. He then tried to attack another, before being shot by his colleague.

The assailant had approached a patrol car outside a police station and then suddenly opened one of the vehicle’s doors, attempting to plunge the knife into the officer’s chest. His bulletproof vest saved the policeman and he was uninjured.

Cannes stabbing: Policeman who was attacked should thank his vest

The knifeman reportedly shouted “By the name and honor of the prophet” and “religious slogans” as he attacked, and though a terror-related motive has not been ruled out, France’s national anti-terrorism prosecutor has not yet become involved.

French officials claim that the Algerian national who entered France legally in 2016 was not known by police to have radical views. Officials are currently treating him in hospital with the gunshot wounds sustained during the incident.

In April, another stabbing attack against French police occurred. It claimed the life of a French administrative officer aged 49.

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