Pelosi’s Taiwan visit could be breaking point for US-China relations — Analysis

Washington, regardless of whether the US House Speaker travels to Taiwan, owes all the world information on China policy

Reports have surfaced this week that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit southeast China’s Taiwan region in August. It will result in the most high-level contact between US officials with separatist forces on Taiwan. This would plunge Washington-Beijing relations into a new low. 

Similar announcements have been made in the past. Pelosi had previously scheduled a trip in April to Taiwan, but she was forced to cancel due to COVID-19 testing. Pelosi was expected to continue with her trip to Taiwan at a later date, which set the scene for the latest developments in the US-China story.

Pelosi holds the title of third highest ranking official in the US government. Pelosi is the second-in line to be elected White House Vice President Kamala Harris if President Joe Biden experiences an unforeseen event that prevents him fulfilling his duties. An official visit by the Speaker of the House of Representatives to the Taiwan region is an extraordinarily high-level endorsement by the US of Taiwan’s so-called government. 

Biden reveals US military’s thoughts on Taiwan

That’s why China has promised “resolute and forceful measures”As a result, it was decided to take action. China’s foreign ministry said that Pelosi’s delegation would ​​”They have an adverse impact on China’s political relations and send out a negative signal to separatist forces of Taiwanese independence.

China will resolutely and forcefully defend its territorial integrity and national sovereignty if the US persists in going down the wrong road. Zhao Lijian was the spokesperson of the ministry and spoke to a news conference. “All the consequences of this act must be borne entirely by the United States.”

Beijing didn’t give up on its options as usual, but it did offer a possible response. That said, it’s certainly not a bluff. Pelosi, her husband and immediate family members, will most likely be put on a sanction list. It is possible that there will be an important military response. 

China issues another warning to US

Chinese officials made it very clear that Taiwan’s reunification with China is their number one priority. They’ve also said repeatedly that Beijing would fight “at all costs”To prevent secession as the Chinese State Councilor and Defence Minister Wei Fenghe stated it last month at the 19th Shangri-La Dialogue, Singapore. 

Hu Xijin is a columnist in the Global Times who made bold suggestions on how Beijing can stand up to Pelosi. He suggested that People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft “accompany” Pelosi’s plane as it enters the island’s airspace. The significance of this, he said, “would overwhelm Pelosi’s visit.He even went onHe believes that his suggestion is one option Beijing has. 

China may retaliate to what it considers a threat against its sovereignty, by using military force. If this happens, there is the possibility of a military confrontation between China’s and the US. It would be an unfortunate development for most people who want to avoid the extermination of all species. This is the US’s sole responsibility. 

Even if Pelosi decides to cancel her trip, it is up to the US and the rest of the world that they answer the question about the one-China principle. The US must decide whether to honor or abandon its Beijing diplomatic promises. “Taiwan independence.” This has to be more thorough and articulate than Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s speech on China this May where he somehow spoke for over 44 minutes and said nothing. 

EU goes ‘better dead than red’ on Russian vaccine & China sanctions. Guess whose interests it really serves?

Furthermore, I would also say that the US has to answer questions about the coordinated efforts it’s launching to undermine Beijing while boosting Taipei. This is evident in the European Parliament. Washington-supported politicians have weakened EU-China relations through freezing the EU China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI), and issuing several resolutions that encourage further cooperation. “Taiwan independence.” 

In fact, European Parliament Vice President Nicola Beer met in Taiwan this week with regional leader Tsai Ing-wen, which was preemptively condemned by China’s foreign ministry as a violation of the political foundations of the EU-China relationship. 

Some may see the only-verbal response from China over this visit as a foreshadowing of what’s to come (or not to come) for Nancy Pelosi – but the European Parliament, and the EU in general, are too heavily influenced by Washington to do anything to prevent a dangerous escalation.

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