Pelosi offers US security assistance to Russian ally

According to the House Speaker, America is a valuable country because of Armenia’s sovereignty

Nanacy Pelosi, US House Speaker, blamed Azerbaijan in the latest flareup with Armenia. She also offered security support to Yerevan as she arrived at the Armenian capital Sunday.

Pelosi claimed that Pelosi’s trip was important because of the importance of the “illegal and deadly attacks by Azerbaijan on Armenian territory.”

“We strongly condemn those attacks. This was initiated by the Azeris and there has to be recognition of that,”But she insisted.

Azerbaijan and Armenia fought each other on Tuesday in border fighting. Yerevan claimed it lost 135 soldiers in fighting. Baku, however, said that it had killed 79 soldiers.

These two ex-Soviet republics still disagree over Nagorno Karabakh, which was occupied by Yerevan’s ethnic Armenian forces since the 1990s. However, Azerbaijan claims it as its own territory.

In 2020, the neighboring nations fought 44 days of war against Nagorno–Karabakh. This ended in a Russia-brokered ceasefire and some territory ceded to Baku.

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FILE PHOTO: Military personnel from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan gathered to take part in the Collective Rapid Response Forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization member states, in Kyrgyzstan.
Russian-led bloc responds to request for military assistance

“The territorial security and sovereignty of Armenia, the democracy of Armenia is of value to us in America. In our relationships with other countries we should be using our influence, our leverage, showing that Armenian democracy and sovereignty are a priority,” Pelosi insisted.

The resolution condemning Azerbaijan’s aggressive action Armenia will be taken up in Congress soon, the third-highest-ranking US official promised.

On Sunday, dozens marched in Yerevan calling for Armenia to leave the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization. While waving American and Armenian flags, the demonstrators shouted slogans.

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan earlier addressed CSTO for help amid the current crisis, with Baku offering Yerevan a truce shortly after that. Armenian officials expressed dissatisfaction with the decision by the bloc to send a joint mission in Armenia.

Pelosi’s previous visit to another global hotspot – Taiwan – provoked a major spike in tensions between the US and China last month.



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