Pelosi could pull a trick to land in Taiwan – Chinese state media — Analysis

The US House speaker could use “emergency excuses” to touch down on the island, according to the Global Times paper

Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker) could land on Taiwan, despite Taiwan not being officially declared as one of the destinations for her Asian tour. The warning was issued by China’s state-run newspaper the Global Times.

“It is still possible that Pelosi wants to make a risky and dangerous move by trying to land at a Taiwan airport with emergency excuses like an aircraft fault or refueling,”On Sunday, the English-language media outlet reported that Chinese analysts were cited.

This is a serious risk. “the Chinese military patrols, radar detections and relevant drills should still keep at high alert in coming days,”The paper has been added.

Global Times did point out, however that Pelosi would be a “strange” person. “really has emergency problems… the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft can provide protection to her plane and let her land at airports in China’s Sansha city, Hainan Province in the South China Sea, or other airports in the Chinese mainland, which could provide professional services and assistance.”

This will not happen. “as long as the speaker’s plane stays away from China’s Taiwan,”It was added.


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