Pelosi arrives in Armenia amid deadly conflict — Analysis

Nancy Pelosi was the speaker of the US House of Representatives and landed in Armenia after several days of violence between Azerbaijani military forces. Pelosi’s office said that the trip would promote an end to a border dispute that has erupted into conflict twice in the last two years. 

Pelosi arrived in Yerevan this Saturday and went straight to talks with Nikol Pashinyan. Jackie Speier, two members of Armenian heritage, was her companion, as were Frank Pallone, Anna Eshoo and Anna Eshoo, Democrat Representatives.

A press release by her office states that Pelosi will be meeting with security officers, government officials and members of civil society in Yerevan. “convey the strong and ongoing support of the United States”To reach a deal on the Nagorno–Karabakh dispute.

Nagorno Karabakh is an area populated mainly by Armenians. It attempted to separate from Azerbaijan during the early 1990s. Baku asserts the territory and Yerevan supports it. They fought an intense 44-day conflict over the area in 2020. It was finally ended by a Russian-brokered ceasefire.

Armenian PM comments on martial law

However, FIghting flared again Tuesday with Armenia accusing Azerbaijan for launching drone strikes and artillery across its borders. Baku, meanwhile, claimed it was only responding to Yerevan’s “provocation.”Over the two following days, dozens upon dozens of soldiers were killed on each side. Pashinyan asked for help from the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization. After which Azerbaijan suggested a truce.

Pashinyan said on Friday that the Armenian death toll from the clashes had reached at least 135, while Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said on Friday that it had lost 71 soldiers.

Armen Grigory, Secretary of Armenian Security Council, thanked you “international community”for the securing of the truce without going into detail about which countries were involved. Russia, along with France, the US and Russia, co-chairs Minsk Group, a group of mediators that has been holding peaceful talks between Yerevan and Baku for decades.

The US, and Pelosi’s electoral district specifically, is home to a substantial Armenian diaspora, which called on Washington to support their homeland after the latest round of fighting broke out.



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