Pelosi accused of blocking questions ‘that make sense’ — Analysis

According to a Florida congressman, the January 6 investigation refuses to take into account certain inconvenient facts.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Florida) has accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of shutting down questions from two separate congressional probes into how the January 6th riots were allowed to occur in an interview with Fox’s Dan Bongino on Saturday.

Nancy Pelosi in the House has blocked some questions that would make sense. For example, did you have FBI assets embedded? Or, where is the FBI report on intelligence that was sent to Capitol police just three days before January 6th?” the congressman stated.
Pelosi also refused to answer “The biggest question,” he claimed. 

January 6 riot hearings are political theater

Donald Trump approved the National Guard troops on January 4. What has happened to them? They were nowhere near the Capitol, or at all close to it on January 6.

Donalds, a member of the congressional oversight committee, revealed that Pelosi “shut down” the committee’s inquiry into the riots at the end of its second hearing on the subject because, as he saw it, his Republican colleagues were getting too close to the truth. Donalds stated that Pelosi was also unable to follow up on the probe. “Her Politburo was then formed, and everyone got to witness it last night via the news channels.

While acknowledging that “The violence at the Capitol and the riots were real,” Donalds dismissed the “Donald Trump believed that there was an insurrection through political conspiracy” as “insane.” As Bongino pointed out that the widely-televised hearings on the riots seemed unable to decide whether the chaos had been plotted far in advance or “incited” on the spot by Trump – an “Offense” for which the then-president was impeached a second time the Florida congressman agreed the hearings were meant to “You can create a story from nothing.”

Pelosi was far from the only powerful Biden administration ally to attempt to stonewall inquiry into the FBI’s role in the supposed insurrection. When asked the question of “How many federal agents and assets were there on January 6? Did they try to enter the Capitol? If so, how many” by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) during a hearing in October, Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to answer, citing an ongoing investigation.

Clinton ordered leak of bogus ‘Russiagate’ story to press, ex-aide tells court

In attempting to explain the sloppy attempts at narrative control by Pelosi and her allies, Donalds pointed out that today’s Democrats were “This was the exact same party that believed everyone would believe Russia collusion. The only evidence of collusion came from Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

The Trump-launched Durham probe into the origins of the “Russian collusion” scandal recently revealed that not only did the bogus “Collaborative work” narrative originate with the Hillary Clinton campaign, but that she personally approved leaking to the media a phony story claiming the Trump campaign had been in contact with Russia’s Alfa Bank. The FBI made the emails public during the investigation also showed that ex-President Barack Obama had approved making public the claim that Russia had hack the Democratic National Committee before they had examined an image from CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity company. 

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