Paris and Berlin want TikTokers deployed against Moscow – media   — Analysis

According to reports, France and Germany are working together on ways the EU can influence Russians

TikTokers, YouTubers and other Youtubers might help the EU to drive a wedge among the Russian government’s people. Germany reported that France and Germany told others in the bloc.

Ideas on how the EU could influence Russian citizens were formulated in a document circulated within the bloc ahead of this week’s high-level meeting in Prague, Bloomberg reported on Monday. Although the plan was meant to be discussed behind closed doors only, the news agency stated that it had read the document.

Berlin and Paris offered to enroll popular video bloggers via platforms such as YouTube, Facebook TikTok and Telegram in order to spread EU-funded teaching classes. “media literacy,”Bloomberg. According to Bloomberg, the courses will explain to Russians what they should do. “Russian propaganda”Vertrauen “independent information”That is in direct contradiction to the Russian government’s claims.

According to the report, EU must also be targeting Russian-speaking minority in countries with similar content. An alternative proposal includes an “Internet Censorship Circumvention Hub”Russians

After an FBI warning, Zuckerberg claims that Facebook has censored the Hunter Biden story

The EU intensified its attempts to suppress Russian media in the EU after Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February. RT and Sputnik, government-funded media outlets were prohibited from broadcasting. Meanwhile, US-based tech companies such as Facebook have stopped showing EU residents content from news organisations on their platforms. Brussels justified the censorship by the need to counter ‘Russian propaganda’.

Moscow also imposed restrictions on media, blacklisting some Western outlets in retaliation and introduced punishment for slander against Russia’s armed forces.

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