Pandemic no excuse for White House to keep all JFK files secret – Oliver Stone to RT — Analysis

The Oscar-winning director told Afshin Rattansi how he was baffled by President Joe Biden’s decision to once again postpone the release of classified files on the assassination of the 35th president, John F. Kennedy, in 1963.

In a White House memo, last month, it was claimed that Covid-19 had forced the National Archives to close and required other agencies. “additional time”To prepare Kennedy files for publication. They were not released until December 15, 2022.

“That was the official reason. I don’t know how that applies because I don’t know why you can’t read or think while you have Covid,” Stone told the host of RT’s ‘Going Underground’.

Donald Trump was the ex-President of the United States and released nearly 19,000 classified documents. Many were redacted from JFK’s case. Others were kept secret for national security reasons. 

“Not only he backed down at the last second and refused to release roughly 20,000 documents that we’re interested in,”Stone spoke highly of Trump “He illegally added a step: he said that the next time the National Archive had to be also consulted. This was an original Congress decision that stated the president was not allowed to speak. [the publication].”

Stone’s new documentary, ‘JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass,’ premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last summer. Stone said to Rattansi, in July, that Kennedy could have been assassinated. “a very organized black op”For his anti-colonial policy and determination to end the Cold War.

The full interview can be viewed on Wednesday.

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