Officers return to school corridors after ‘defund the police’ failure — Analysis

Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President Joe Gamaldi has told Fox News Digital on Monday that officers were returning to US schools after ‘the defund the police’ movement was deemed to have failed. 

He asserted that crime rates were swelling in America’s public schools as a result of the police-defunding idea that spread across the nation in 2020 in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by cop Derek Chauvin. 

“I think what you’re seeing and the reaction from these school districts is exactly what we’re seeing in almost every major city in this country: Everybody’s having buyer’s remorse for defunding the police,” Gamaldi stated. 

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“We had 16 American cities last year have their highest murder rates in recorded history, and now people are quickly backtracking and realizing that police officers provide safety in our communities,”He concluded.

Montgomery County in Maryland has brought back school resource officers (SROs), after an alarming number of violations were reported between August-February. Since 2002, officers hadn’t been in school halls for the first times. 

According to 7News., the schools had totaled 102 sexual assaults. 

On January 21st, things hit rock bottom when a shooting occurred at Magruder high school in Rockville. The incident intensified the calls for more police on campus. 

After parents and teachers begged for reconsideration, the Alexandria City Council also sent its resource officers back to their hallways. 
As violent crime continues to rise in several areas of the US, resistance has grown against the defunding radical police. Some areas have had their funding restored. 

Los Angeles saw its police budgets reduced by $150 Million, which resulted in an increase in violent crimes.

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