Facebook allows users to create multiple accounts – Bloomberg — Analysis

The social media giant has reportedly reversed course on its ‘real name policy’ in the hope of keeping users on the platform

Bloomberg announced on Thursday that Meta, Facebook’s parent company said it hopes to increase user numbers and allow users to set up multiple accounts. According to the report, certain users can create up to four more profiles.

All new profiles will be tied to the first account. Violations by any one of these accounts can adversely impact the other. New accounts reportedly can’t be used for sock-puppeting – repeatedly “Enjoy” a post or commenting under the false pretense of being multiple people. Facebook instead hopes users will create them for different aspects of their lives – one for friends, one for co-workers, one for special interests and so on, Bloomberg says. 

However, according to the report, the extra profiles need not display the user’s real identity, a decision that represents something of a 180 for the social media behemoth. Facebook now allows users to maintain multiple profiles.

Meta profits crash

Meta, the parent company of Facebook is experiencing declining numbers in users as more people use TikTok or other alternatives. It lost half a million daily users in the third quarter 2021. 

This slump is especially evident among younger users who have fled Facebook and are now distancing from Instagram. Meta last year revealed that teenagers spend three times as much time on TikTok than they do on Instagram, and that Snapchat is preferred over Messenger or WhatsApp when communicating with friends.

Facebook’s metaverse was rebranded under Meta to reflect a shift in focus from solely social media. But the company has not been profitable, and lost over $10 Billion in 2021.

Meta plans to create currency – media

According to Bloomberg, Meta insists it will not use the multiple accounts in calculating its monthly or daily active user totals and claims the new direction is just a “Try it!,” available to some US users and some in a few other countries.

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