Number of Londoners with Covid estimated — Analysis

The UK’s Office for National Statistics has estimated that approximately one in 10 people in the capital were infected with Covid-19 as of Sunday, as Britons prepare for Christmas despite soaring infection rates.

Data released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Friday estimated that 9.5% of Londoners were infected with Covid-19 on Sunday, December 19. A 95% confidence interval indicates that the true number could be as low at 8.43%, or as high as 10.69%. 

This ONS data is one day after Omicron sweeps in the UK saw a record-breaking daily number of Covid-19 cases. The total number of new Covid-19 infections was 119,789, an increase on the previous day’s 106.122.

According to the ONS, 1 in 35 English people had contracted the virus in December 2013 and December 19. Covid prevalence in Wales is 1 in 45, Northern Ireland (1 In 40), and Scotland 1 in 65.

London’s wave of infections has been driven by the Omicron variant of Covid-19, which is vastly more infectious than previous strains. As the virus continues to spread from young people to older adults and those not vaccinated during the holidays, officials have warned that the healthcare system could be under greater pressure.

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