Number of French people backing leader who won’t ‘worry’ about elections revealed — Analysis

According to Cevipof’s poll, the number of French citizens supporting the right-wing has increased significantly in the past five years.

The survey, conducted between December 23, 2021 and January 10, 2022, saw 32% of respondents say they belonged to the right, and 11% to the “extreme right.
The results are a marked increase from a December 2017 poll that saw 26% support the right and 7% the extreme right.

Is France ready to embrace a new revolution?

The poll, conducted ahead of the April 10 presidential election, also revealed that 39% of the population supported “Strong men don’t need to worry about the Parliament and elections” as their head of state. A military junta is a form of government that 27% believe to be good. 

Survey participants only 17% admitted they were supporting the left-wing. Only 6% said that they were supportive of the extreme left. One fourth of the 10,566 survey participants identify as centrists. 20% do not identify with any particular political party.

According to the research, the vast majority of the French population – 63% – believes that “Too many people are immigrant.” which is consistent with the growing support for right-wing politicians. However, 57% of people also voiced their support for “Give to the poor what you get from the rich” as a way to “establish social justice” – an idea traditionally associated with the left side of the political spectrum.

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