Notre-Dame redesign slammed as ‘kitsch’ to go on — Analysis

French officials have formally signed off plans to redesign the interior of Notre-Dame following a fire in 2019, dismissing concerns raised that the plans erode the cathedral’s decor.

The National Heritage and Architecture Commission supported the planned redesign in a vote on Thursday, siding with the church’s vision to provide visitors with a warmer welcome when Notre-Dame reopens in 2024. In an opinion piece by Le Figaro on Wednesday, around 100 people criticized the proposal. 

Fears of the redesign causing harm to academia and arts figures were opposed by the group. “entirely undermine the decor and religious space”This is the iconic landmark. Slamming the proposal, the op-ed decried the church’s plans as reminiscent of “‘immersive’ cultural projects where very often the inane vies with the kitsch.”

Father Gilles Drouin (who is in charge of redesigning the church) responded to the vote. “very satisfied with this decision which respects the broad principles that we outlined.”

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Notre Dame cathedral in Paris to be restored to ORIGINAL design after blaze that shocked the world

Two minor modifications were made by the commission to the proposed proposal. They included keeping the statues lined up on the walls and maintaining the original searing of the cathedral.

Notre-Dame was devastated by a fire that engulfed its roof and destroyed its world-famous tower on April 15. Church officials will use this time to make improvements in the interior as part of restoration efforts.

The cathedral, as it’s seen today, was the work of architect Viollet-le-Duc, who reworked the 12th-century monument that stood there during the 1800s, although he maintained its original Gothic style. New artists are expected to replace the confessionals from 19th century that were rarely used. They also have multiple translations of biblical verses projected on their walls.

With last year’s decision on how to replace the iconic roof and 19-century spire, officials at Notre-Dame decided to approve the approval. This is just the second step in the rebuilding Notre-Dame effort. Although there were many suggestions to replace it with something more modern, French officials decided that they would rebuild the original spire.



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