Chocolate eggs linked to infection outbreak in Europe — Analysis

Due to salmonella contamination, Ferrero Chocolates has pulled the recall of Kinder Surprise eggs

Ferrero Chocolates issued an apology following the recall of batches of its Kinder Eggs this weekend. This was just weeks before Easter. 

A link was found between Kinder Surprise eggs, a recently reported outbreak of salmonella in the United Kingdom and the UK Health Security Agency. This investigation involved national health agencies as well as the UK Health Security Agency.

ECDC and EFA had both suggested that multi-country outbreaks of foodborne disease could be caused by chocolate products. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed sent out a notice advising that there had been salmonella outbreaks in France and Germany. This message was removed by investigators.

Ferrero (which owns Kinder) responded by announcing it would immediately recall selected batches of Kinder Surprise while investigations continue. In particular, Ferrero is recalling the Kinder Surprise 20-gram egg as well as the 20-gram x3 Kinder Surprise packs that were produced in Belgium between July 11th to October 7th. 

Ferrero said that so far, no Kinder product has been released from the factory that tested positive for salmonella. He also stated that there have been no complaints.

Ferrero also stressed in a statement that “If you have bought the above product, do not eat it.” urging consumers to contact Ferrero’s customer care service to obtain a full refund.

The UK’s Foods Standards Agency issued a food alert on Saturday, recommending that people refrain from purchasing or eating Kinder Surprise items with these expiration dates, warning that they might be contaminated with salmonella, which causes symptoms such as fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

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