Norway shooting investigated as terrorism – police — Analysis

Two people were killed and at least 21 more injured by a gunman outside of a downtown Oslo gay bar.

Norwegian police launched an investigation into a shooting rampage that killed two people and left many others injured downtown Oslo on Saturday morning.

Around 1:00am, an unknown gunman shot at innocent people near numerous entertainment venues.

“Two people are dead and several injured after a serious incident at CJ Hambros Plass in central Oslo. The suspect has been arrested by police. The incident is being investigated as terrorism,”Oslo police issued a statement this Saturday morning.

According to police, 21 persons were injured in the latest update. Ten of these injuries are serious.

Numerous Norwegians are killed in mass shootings

Christian Hatlo the Prosecutor stated that the suspect, aged 42 years old was being charged with murder, attempted killing and terrorism. He was described by police as an Iranian-born Norwegian national who had been known before the attack.

This gun violence occurred before the Oslo Pride Parade which is the main event of a 10-day LGBTQ+ festival. It was due to begin on Saturday. Police have now advised organizers to cancel the event.

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