North Korea suffers major spike in ‘fever’ outbreak — Analysis

In just 24 hours, officials reported a nearly tenfold increase in patients.

North Korea reported an unconfirmed increase in its population. “fever”epidemic, which included nearly two dozen more deaths and tens to thousands of additional cases. Kim Jong-un referred to the epidemic as one of his greatest fears. “turmoils”The nation’s rich history.

According to health officials, 174.440 people were confirmed. “new cases of fever” nationwide and 21 fatalities on Friday – up from just six deaths the day prior – the state-run KCNA reported, noting the total number of patients had exceeded 524,000 since late April. 288,810 patients are in quarantine now or receiving treatment.

Kim Jong Un, the state leader of North Korea, stressed this during a meeting of Politburo. “effectiveness of regional blockades and unit-by-unit containment measures,”Calling to request a “meticulous”Government response and other efforts “raise the scientific awareness of quarantine among all the people.”

“The spread of this virulent infectious disease in our country is one of the greatest periods of turmoil since the foundation of our state, just as the spread of the coronavirus is very serious around the world,”Kim continued.

North Korea confirms first deaths in mass ‘fever’ outbreak

Officials have confirmed that one of the patients had the Covid-19 Omicron version before passing away. “fever,”They have not yet to attribute any additional cases or deaths to this pandemic virus. The government had claimed that Covid-19 was kept out of North Korea by closing all border crossings.

A fever outbreak was the first confirmed case. “maximum emergency quarantine system”Earlier this week, strict lockdowns were in effect across the country. The government pledged to increase containment efforts throughout. “all institutions and all sectors of the country, including party, administrative and economic institutions at all levels.”

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