Nicolas Krafft is an Executive with Luxurious Taste

Nicolas Krafft joined Christofle in 2002 as the managing director of the Asia-Pacific sector. Christofle, Inc. is a luxury silver maker that is well-known for its high-end flatware. It also produces home décor and jewelry as well. Founded in 1830, the company has a rich heritage and is headquartered in Paris, France.

Nicolas Krafft moved on to serve as the President and CEO of Christofle’s North American subsidiary, where he served until 2012. In 2012, he was named President and CEO of Christofle to the Americas. In 2019, he moved roles again to oversee France and the U.K. Territories. Today, he serves as the Managing Director of Christofle.

Although Krafft has spent nearly two decades with Christofle, he previously worked at the ALEIA Group from 1996 to 2002, where he specialized in products related to alcohol, tobacco, and gourmet foods.

Nicolas Krafft has a master’s degree in Economics from Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne University. He also has a background in the gourmet, from food to champagne and sabrage.

In fact, Krafft is somewhat of an expert in the art of sabrage, which is an old tradition of opening champagne with a sword. He and his university friends developed the skill as students in France years ago. He spent time with a friend’s father in France, who was an officer in the army, and he taught him the unique trick.

Although the thought of using a sword on a champagne bottle seems very strange in the United States, it is far more usual in France as Napoleon Bonaparte is famous for popularizing the ritual. Experts say that Napoleon would celebrate victories by having his cavalry decapitate a bottle of champagne.

The practice can be quite dangerous to the untrained person. Nicolas Krafft notes that the bottle could explode in your face or hurt someone next to you if it is not executed properly. Once you know the right technique, though, Krafft indicates that the practice is relatively easy to accomplish. Krafft is well-known for his collection of over 100 sabers, and news about Nicolas Krafft will often highlight his skill with a sword. He can also break a bottle top with a credit card.

Nicolas Krafft has been known to not only auction off a silver champagne saber from Christofle, but he will accompany the product with sabrage lessons as well. The experience and the sword are certainly high-end and one-of-a-kind.

Nicolas Krafft

While Christofle, Inc. is a high-end brand, Krafft notes that they are not a “showoff brand.” While the product is outstanding, it is made to be used. Krafft states: “They are not museum pieces.” Krafft knows the brand inside and out, and he has become as much a connoisseur in the company as he has regarding wine, champagne, and spirits. Like Christofle’s target customer, Krafft enjoys the finer things, while also enjoying a good party.

Christofle is a lifestyle brand whose target customer may have multiple homes or perhaps a yacht that he or she needs to furnish. It works alongside designers or decorators to ensure that whatever kind of product you get from Christofle, the product works well with their clients’ surroundings. The products are not just there to look good—they are functional, and the brand is specifically designed so that the products can be implemented into the lives of each client. Enjoyment is at the core of the brand, and few know that better than Nicolas Krafft.

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